Lambhorn // Bristol, UK – Gig in Jura, France

When the four-piece Bristol band was driving through the mountains to come and find us, they didn’t expect to be swimming naked in a waterfall in the forest just five minutes after arrival.  Just like, when we agreed they could play loud, we didn’t expect us all to be dancing in a summer storm to the sound of atmospheric and mad prog beats and electric guitars.

Lambhorn was unpredictable all the way, creating their own ambiance going from dreamy hypnotic guitar effects and trippy bass lines to sudden explosive cymbal crashes and creative rhythms. Their music and personalities caught the attention of our audience. And being in Jura, a very unique little vineyard, that means the lads were in for a long night of adventures : local wine producers pouring delicious beverages on stage (ah sure why bother), after-gig improv with local drummer and guitar players ending jumping naked (again!) in the town’s public fountain, being hosted in an old family house… We shall skip many stories and leave the pictures for another day. But what a beautiful mess anyway!

Oliver Cocup – drummer  « As we were gently gliding with slight intent of reaching our next show in Luxembourg i received a message from my friend Oriane who I met while doing some drum tech work in Chamonix. « Are you in Europe? With gear? What do you mean you have a day off?! Come and play my town in the mountains immediately!! » Simple as that, she whizzed around sorting venues and getting promo done to ensure that our show was one to remember. For us, and the audience. That evening and the night that came after will never leave our memories. A truly out of the box and unexpected evening. Those are always the best.”