Shaky Shots publishes Zines and small press to promote independent local, national and international artists, and connect them through art processes.
We believe micro-publishing can be a powerful platform to create and empower communities and to link artists, readers and distros.
We want to reach readers outside of our peer circle, by producing events, collaborations, workshops and fairs.

We are passionate about conducting workshops with beginners as much as with experienced zine makers and illustrators around the world.
We either conduct workshops directly with the public, or we train social organisations to create their own zines as informative material.
For example, we coached The Sexual Violence Centre of Cork to create their first series of zines about consent, harassment, and other topics related to the elimination of sexual violence in society. We also conducted a successful workshop with and for trans people in collaboration with TENI (Trans Equality Network Ireland).

Get our zines and prints : https://shakyshotsprojects.bigcartel.com/

Want to get involved ? Got merch to promote ? Want to work on a collab with us ?
Give us a shout at contact@shakyshots.com