The Evil Usses

« Waking up in the van blurry eyed and cold, where are we? Chamonix! Deep in the shadow of Mont Blanc, nestled in the valley. Soon we were climbing through the snowy forest with our equipment, helpful strangers lugging drums, amps strapped to backs, giggling goons sliding upwards to the tiny cabin, a chocolate box postcard. After hearty hellos and hot food, cold beer, exotic cigarettes, we cranked up the noise and blasted; blasted the gloves of their hands and the hats off their heads. Soon the lights were strobing and our minds dissipated in ecstatic crunch and whack, the powers of joy screaming. Later, outside, the mountains crowned and veined in the slow white water, we heard the monstrous rumbles of the glacier cracking. Inside, the night wore on, danced for hours, bodies pulsing, Yeti dreaming. In the morning, the little guitar sang and the flutes tootled and up and down the hillside we scrambled.« 

Emma Kelly / Merakindie Producer

« Oriane is an incredible force of positive, hard-working, reliable energy who really knows how to get (the real good) shit done. She is a tireless advocate of independent music and art, always pushing boundaries and making sure her interesting, unique Shaky Shots projects are a success for all involved – both audience and collaborators. The ultimate zine queen with a passion for seeking out the most interesting insights and stories on important topics from around the globe. A genuine asset to any band/artist/writer/zine-maker lucky enough to have her on board. »

Sexual Violence Center Cork

« Oriane’s Shaky Shots Zine Workshop with the Sexual Violence Centre Cork was a wonderful way to begin the day. Balancing the practical ‘how-to’ elements while maintaining an environment of creativity and openness, Oriane ensured that we felt comfortable engaging, questioning and creating throughout the session. As she knew that the Centre had a vision of what their zines should look like, she accommodated us and worked with our ideas, embellishing them with artistic notes and practical guidance. We left the session filled with a sense of eagerness and confidence to take the next proactive step and make our zine a reality, and now they are – available in cafés, bars and shops throughout Cork city! Thank you Oriane! »

Edgy V – Dublin Artist

« Shaky Shots, will shake up your world if you let it! Make sure to attend one of their events and meet the wonderful people & realise how committed and creative are these people to their jobs! Best of luck in your future event ventures ‘Shaky Shots’ team! With love Edgy V »