The Evil Usses // Bristol, UK – Gig in Chamonix, France

The lads said they wanted to play in the mountains.
We took it very literally.
Despite a 4 day-long snow storm right before they arrived, we did our best to carry drum kit, amps, guitars and kegs up the mountains, by the beautiful Glacier des Bossons.

To celebrate the release of The Evil Usses’ new album, MUCK, our brave audience made it to the top through the forest and filled the shed. The dramatic silence of the mountains mingled with heavy Jazz grooves, progressive rock guitar and synth dialogues, mad sax interventions. We went from a dreamy and sensitive ambiance to fully dancing crowd cheering the playful sax notes and joyful riffs. This gig was fun, exciting and beautifully weird. That’s all we wanted and more, really.

But let’s hear what Conrad Singh, guitar player, says about it :

 “Waking up in the van blurry eyed and cold, where are we? Chamonix! Deep in the shadow of Mont Blanc, nestled in the valley. Soon we were climbing through the snowy forest with our equipment, helpful strangers lugging drums, amps strapped to backs, giggling goons sliding upwards to the tiny cabin, a chocolate box postcard. After hearty hellos and hot food, cold beer, exotic cigarettes, we cranked up the noise and blasted; blasted the gloves of their hands and the hats off their heads. Soon the lights were strobing and our minds dissipated in ecstatic crunch and whack, the powers of joy screaming. Later, outside, the mountains crowned and veined in the slow white water, we heard the monstrous rumbles of the glacier cracking. Inside, the night wore on, danced for hours, bodies pulsing, Yeti dreaming. In the morning, the little guitar sang and the flutes tootled and up and down the hillside we scrambled.”

Conrad Singh – guitar
Leon Boydon – bass
Dan Truen – drums
Lorenzo Prati – synth – sax

Video coming soon!